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Notice✨NvirWorld - SUMMIT✨

2022 December 17th 3PM (KST)

NvirWorld’s "SUMMIT" will be held.

From the beginning of NvirWorld to the present, and the future coming forward.

We will disclose everything about NvirWorld at "Summit", 

and this will be the momentum of the history of NvirWorld where we truly start our journey.

Please attend the Summit to witness the soaring of NvirWorld. <🪪Close Beta Test Admission> to NvirWorld’s new service will be given to the attendees, and we’d like to ask your interest and attendance.

December 17 (Sat) 3PM (KST)
Coex 3F Auditorium (524, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
Total Number of Seats

📌 Attendee Invitation Criteria 

1) "Vision Nvirians/NWX Members" will be invited first

2) "1st-9th Gen Nvirians" will be invited secondly

3) NVIR Holders will be invited thirdly.

* When the application number exceeds the seats, holders with more NVIR will be invited.

4) 100 Attendees will be invited randomly by raffle without any qualifications

Application Period
Nov 16 (Wed) - 14:59 Dec 9 (Fri) 2022 (GMT)
Attendee Announcement
09:00 Dec 12 (Mon) 2022
Summit Attendance Application

※ Only the invited people will enter the Summit.

※ When drawing the raffle for 100 attendees, those who are qualified for criteria 1 to 3 will be excluded.

※ When there is a change to the event schedule or details, attendees and/or applicants will be separately notified.

※ Detailed information will be announced later on.

❌ At the Summit, there will be information about NvirWorld not disclosed yet. Filming or voice recording will be strictly prohibited. Summit footages will not be uploaded on NvirWorld’s social media or any other channels. We ask for your kind cooperation.❌ 

© by NvirWorld All Rights Reserved.

© by NvirWorld All Rights Reserved.