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NvirWorld’s “New Normal” enables the ideal digital environment.



N-Hub, an NvirWorld’s DeFi Digital Asset platform, is an exchange where you can invest the digital currency and virtual currency in synthetic assets issued through swapping and staking NVIR Token and Ethereum.


Nvir Market

Ethereum-based NFT Coin Exchange Nvir Market is a platform for minting, selling, buying, and trading digital assets along with original NFT collections (art, paintings, artworks, creative works).


NvirWorld Whitepaper

With the motto of “NEW P2E (Play to Earn)”, NvirWorld is a new concept blockchain which aims to create a new digital world where everything users enjoy becomes profitable.


NvirWorld X-CLUB

NvirWorld exclusive membership service. 10,000 Nvir Space Pilot Collection of Solana-based NFTs used as NvirWorld's digital membership card.

NvirWorld Ecosystem Operation Status

  • Burnt 45.8
  • Reward 53.4
  • Operation 10.9
  • Donation 2.6









* Home website total pool update : every Monday at 01:00 (GMT)
* The pool will be updated in case any change is made in the ecosystem. 

* The numerical value is rounded up at the third decimal place.


Fintech Innovation in the Web3 Era Reforming the Future of Contact-Free Finance

A ‘contact-free meta finance service’ bankoNverse will introduce NFT technology in various existing financial investment products and innovate the contact-free finance market, with the goal of becoming a sharing economic service leading the fintech market in the Web3 era to come.


Introduction of Core Technology, 

S2k L2 System 

S2k L2 is a service that secures abundant liquidity and volume by lowering barriers of entry for DeFi transactions, and solves gas cost issues that occur for each transaction in order to ease burdens on users and maximize convenience.

#S2k L2 (Split Security Key Layer2) System 


Groundbreaking user- convenience and minimized gas fees

‘Nvir Market’ is the only NFT marketplace with ‘transparency and fairness’ based on a decentralized system, and 'rational service' of the centralized system through hybrid technology.


symbolizes our supporters, the Nvirians. 

The overlapping appearance of the two spheres replicates the gesture of joining hands. The combination visualizes the harmony between NvirWorld and Nvirians, meaning that NvirWorld and Nvirians are together as one.


The Nvirians mean Nvir Knights

who protects NvirWorld.

The overlapping appearance of the two spheres of the Nvirian symbol visualizes two hands holding each other, and the union of the two spheres symbolizes the harmony between the NvirWorld and Nvirians.


Enjoy Membership Benefits at NvirWorld X-CLUB. 

The beginning of a new Play to Earn (P2E), where all activities become profitable beyond the limits of the game, and the way to enjoy exclusive benefits of NvirWorld is to become a member of NvirWorld X-Club.

 Become a member of NvirWorld X-CLUB, and experience the pride that comes with its special benefits!

Product NvirWorld RoadMap

Drag Roadmap!
NvirWorld History

History 2020 Q4

  • ·NvirWorld Project Planning
  • ·NvirWorld System Plan
  • ·Digital Art / Blockchain and NFT Data Collection
  • ·Artist Data Collection
NvirWorld History

History 2021 Q1

  • ·NvirWorld Online Platform Planning/Development
NvirWorld History

History 2021 Q2

  • ·(C)FACO MOU Contract
  • ·(C) Korean Fine Arts Association MOU Contract
  • ·Jeju International Arts Center MOU Contract
  • ·Date Co., Ltd. ㅣ THE8 COMPANY MOU Contract
  • ·(C)Korea Art Price Appraise Association MOU Contract
  • ·NvirWorld Trademark Application [International]
  • ·DAPP Beta NV 1.0 Version
NvirWorld History

History 2021 Q3

  • ·Hybrid Decentralized System > DAPP NV 2.0 Development
  • ·Kim Byung Jong x UNICEF > Xi Jinping NFT Donation
  • ·Dokdo Korea Campaign > DOKDO NFT Donation
  • ·(C)Korea Animation Artist Association MOU Contract
  • ·Hybrid Decentralized System > DeFi Service Development
NvirWorld History

History 2021 Q4

  • ·Nvirland Service Plan/Development
  • ·Myanmar Campaign Launch/Operation
  • ·(C)The Music Association of Korea MOU Contract
  • ·DAPP NV 2.0 Version ㅣ Marketplace Renewal Launch
  • ·NWX Minting [NFT Issuance]
  • ·NWX 1st Airdrop
NvirWorld Present

History 2022 Q1

  • ·NWX 1st Airdrop NFT Distribution
  • ·N-ground Development
  • ·NvirWorld Mainnet "Layer 3" Development
  • ·N-Hub [DeFi] Official Service Launch
NvirWorld Present

History 2022 Q2

  • ·N-Hub Service Update
  • ·DAPP NV 3.0 – Marketplace "Solana" Blockchain Introduction
  • ·NWX Pre-sale
  • ·NWX 2nd Airdrop
NvirWorld Present

History 2022 Q3

  • ·IBM Hyper Ledger Mainnet Development
  • ·bankoNverse Business Model Research and Linkage Building
NvirWorld Present

Present 2022 Q4

  • ·NvirGallery Open
  • ·N-ground Official Service Launch
  • ·Nvirland Beta Service "Casual Version" NL 1.0 Distribute
  • ·Nvirland "Open World" Service Development
NvirWorld Future

Future 2023 Q1

  • ·NWX Merch Drop Event Launch
  • ·X-CLUB Membership Service Launch
  • ·NWX Public Sale
  • ·Treasure Island Service Launch
NvirWorld Future

Present 2023 Q2

  • ·NvirWorld X-CLUB Offline Membership Expansion
NvirWorld Future

Present 2023 Q3

  • ·Nvirland Beta Service "Casual Version" NL 2.0 Distribute
NvirWorld Future

Future 2023 Q4

  • ·NvirWorld Mainnet "Layer3" Launch
  • ·NvirWorld Coin Issuance
  • ·NVIR Token Governance Function Activation
NvirWorld Future

Future 2024 Q1

  • ·Nvirland "Open World" Beta Service Distribute


How is NvirWorld’s platform differentiated from others?

NvirWorld’s “Hybrid Decentralized System,” which takes a step further from Layer 2 to improve gas fees and process speed, dramatically reduces gas fees imposed upon each transaction through a technology called “Stay Pending”.

What is “Stay Pending”?

NvirWorld has introduced in its platforms(NvirMarket and N-Hub) a technology called Stay Pending, which gathers all the user’s transaction data and opens the server at a designated time, letting the gas fee to be paid once. It accumulates the transaction and transfer history of the Token which provides the balance rolled-up on your wallet on the platform with minimal gas fees.

When is Stay Pending roll-up carried out?

On NvirMarket(NFT Marketplace), Stay Pending Roll-up takes place 4 times a day, at 03:00, 09:00, 15:00, 21:00 (GMT). On N-Hub platform, Stay Pending Roll-up takes place twice a day, at 01:00 and 09:00 (GMT).

How many NWX will be issued?

There are more than 20 billion possible combination of NWX characters, but there are only 10,000 NWXs in the collection. There are no two NWX combinations that are the same, and specific feature and security measures have been set by a bot for fair and balanced issuance and distribution process.

What are the NWX Membership benefits?

NWX sales profit will be shared among NWX Members in the form of rewards, and there will be additional incentives for reward staking. There are also NWX Membership service including a customizable personal VR gallery “N-Ground”, and Private Auction service “Treasure Island”.


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© by NvirWorld All Rights Reserved.

© by NvirWorld All Rights Reserved.